About Us

What do you mean "Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"


The Disorganisation exists to strive towards a more disorganised future. It's mission is to provide a safe haven for members of our society who have difficulty in today's hyper-organised world and fight against the spread of over-organisation. This is a threat to the very values we pride ourselves on, creating a future which sucks the simple pleasures derived from the chaos of unpredictable events, not to mention the joyous spontaneity which is found in a disorganised environment.
Excessive scheduling land oppressive regimentation removes this fundamental excitement form our lives and here at The Disorganisation we aim to bring it back by encouraging an atmosphere where such unpredictable moments of serendipity are encouraged.

What We Do

At The Disorganisation our aim is to stop the onset of the sterile, predictable "White Box" scenario where everything is planned to the nth degree and all creativity, enjoyment or free-thinking is eradicated.
We do this by encouraging "Life's small potholes" which can sometimes cause minor bumps and spills, but in turn these spills create beautiful artwork - like a Jackson Pollock work, or the T-shirt I keep spilling my lunch on.
We promote our members' rejection of The Organisation's fascist attempts at controlling them through Media, Alarm Clocks and Timetabling. In addition "Ergonomic Workspaces" claim to be efficient, however in reality they are created to suppress the creative urges of employees, so a messy desk is encouraged.


What does "Out of Order" mean? Are you still running?

Not to worry my friend! It's just a name we played with at the inception of The Disorganisation, but phased it out.

Where is The Disorganisation based?

Because we have no physical location, The Disorganisation is everywhere. That aside, it originated in Australia, which is why we put the letter 'u' in funny places and spell 'Organisation' with an 's'

What do you do?

Weren't you listening earlier? We strive to create disorganisation and fight against the wave of hyper-organisation which is prevalent in our society.

So do you make anything?

We like to think that here at The Disorganisation we make both Nothing and Everything all at once. So no. Not really. But we're building a Quadcopter! (well, Update: we built one and now can't afford to fly it)
We do, however sell T-shirts (and other things) on Redbubble! The designs are made by our members, and the profits go to the Disorganisation.!

What about us Brain-Dead Slobs?

You'll be given Cushy Jobs!

How many people work at The Disorganisation?

About half of them

Why should I care?

Because then the Fascist "Organisation" wins!
Also we're really nice and if you like our Facebook Page, we sometimes post funny things.

Hold on - Are you some sort of Terrorist Group?

Whoah there buddy - drop the pitchfork. And the molotov. And the Brick. The Disorganisation supports the peaceful spread of disorganisation and DOES NOT CONDONE any violence or similar activity. That's the sort of thing that those bastards at The Organisation would pull!

Why am I still reading this?

I... have no idea...